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Levisky Legado is a strategic planning, ultra-high PR and fundraising consulting company for brands, companies, voluntary sector, art, culture, entertainment, funds and endowments, aimed at generating and strengthening legacies. 

Established in 2002, Levisky Legado has a strong track record and background in establishing relations with and connecting to qualified groups and individuals to build and develop legacies, including business and financial market leaders, voluntary sector organizations, in the art and culture industry, in the political environment and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI).

Levisky Legado has set up boards, ambassador committees and fostered integration between the institutional development, sustainability and ESG departments across several organizations.

As part of this process, Levisky Legado has made connections and promoted engagement that have benefited and strengthened leading legacies in our community.


Our Services

Strategic & Structural Planning

Review, assessment and benchmarking of organizational structures, good governance practices and flows in the fields of sustainability, institutional development, philanthropy/donations, and client CSR and ESG.

Strategic direction to improve organizational structures and flowcharts, in order to promote greater integration between related areas of practice.

Strategic and tactical plans to structure organizational plans, ultra-high PR, mobilization of financial resources and endowments.

Engagement of boards and senior leaders according to the strategic and tactical plans.

Practical mentoring with top organizational leaders, to implement the strategic and tactical plans.

Development together with partner and associate offices and curators for urban, artistic, business and impact fund legacy projects.


Events and engagement or fundraising activities together with boards and top business, government and civil society leaders for legacy projects.

Ultra-high PR initiatives with potential sponsors, donors and impact investors interested in legacy projects.

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Managing Strategic Relations


Levisky Legado brings together, connects and manages strategic relations, engages boards and corporate, voluntary sector and arts and culture leaders to foster legacy projects.

Ultra-high PR to generate and strengthen legacies!

Our Ecosystem

Strategic Clients and Partners

  • Endowment Funds
  • Impact Funds
  • ESG Funds
  • Green Funds
  • Voluntary Sector Organizations
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Urban Planning Projects
  • Digital Legacies
  • Corporate Legacies
  • Art Legacies
  • NFT
  • Startups
  • Investors
  • Donors
  • HNWI
  • Sponsors

Levisky Legado is a strategic planning, ultra-high PR and fundraising consulting company for brands, companies, voluntary sector, art, culture, entertainment, funds and endowments, aimed at generating and strengthening legacies.

"Mobilizing funds for legacy building and cultural heritage restoration"

"Implementation and integration of ESG and Sustainability departments, together with board members"

Picture of Ricardo Bly Levisky

Ricardo Blay Levisky

About Us

Founder and President of LEVISKY LEGADO

Levisky holds a BA in Music from the University of São Paulo (USP), in opera, and also holds a BA in Advertising from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), with specialization in International Relations from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV – RJ).

Levisky has further developed his strategic planning, marketing, communications and opera skills in free courses at the League of American Orchestras (NYC), International Executive Group (IEG - Chicago), Indiana University (South Bend), Walter Beloch Agency (Milan) and Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires).

Levisky’s work is focused on structuring and engaging boards, voluntary sector and government leaders and donors; he works in strategic and structural planning, ultra-high PR, fundraising and endowments.

In the past, Levisky has sat as Marketing, Communications and New Businesses Director for Sala São Paulo and the Symphonic Orchestra of the State of São Paulo (OSESP), as well as Superintendent of the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra Foundation (OSB).

Former associate member of the International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA – USA) and of the Cultural Board of the Trade Association of Rio de Janeiro. Levisky currently sits as Director of the Israeli Federation of the State of São Paulo – FISESP, and is the founder and creator of HINENI | FISESP, a LGBTQIA+ group of the Brazilian Jewish community.

Levisky is also founder and chair of Levisky Legado, established in 2002, of the International Endowment Forum for Legacies (since 2014) and is a member of other exclusive/proprietary projects.

Levisky Legado

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